Storming The Black Gate EP

by Abysseral Throne

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released April 29, 2016

All Music* by Abysseral Throne and Matt Jenkins

*Tempestas Written and Arranged by Matt LeBlanc and Sean Hickey

Jonny Rains - Vocals & Guitar
Rob Dwyer - Guitars
Matt LeBlanc - Bass
Sean Hickey - Vocals & Drums

Produced by Abysseral Throne
Recorded at Pumpk'n Patch studios December 2015
Engineered & Mixed by Danny Bourgeois
Mastered by Mike Bourgeois
Logo by Coki Greenway
Art by Mark Richards at Heavy Hand Illustration



all rights reserved


Abysseral Throne Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Tempestas
Track Name: Storming The Black Gate
Storming The Black Gate

The oracle has spoken, of servants to the eye
Advance upon the black gate
Denounce your god or die

Cataclysmic winds, destructively accel
Spewing from the heavens, aphotic tides of hell
Warriors of the north, bare the rune of war
Sing the song of steel, upon the tide of gore

Fall into the circles of hell
Within the path lies the rotted
Engrossed affliction, illuminates the rise
Showered in glory, beneath the crimson skies

{Solo Rains}

{Solo Dwyer}

The oracle has spoken, of servants to the eye
"Mori Pro Bellum", to where the vermin lie
Despoiler of the masses, hordes slain to the weight
Soldiers lured by bloodlust, breeding cursed hate

Storm of war, to conquer and defeat
Disembodied, as flesh and steel meet
Black blood scoured, reign across this land
The gate is open, to the legion of the damned

The Damned!

Fall into the circle of evisceration
Where all the tides of hell will meet

{Solo Dwyer}

{Solo Rains}

As the tyrants rise
The serpent demigod
As the towers fall
Beneath the watchful eye
Track Name: Wolfthorn

In the shadow of the abyss
Heathens tremble at blazing mist
Illuminate bloodthristy eyes
In the dusks of hell, The Wolfthorn lies

Eradicate hope in the heart
Dissected, torn apart
Consumed by tides of fear
Whispering death, it draws near

{Solo Rains}

{Solo Dwyer}

Repulsive clouds of black
Beyond the point of turning back
One by one, the tyrants fall
Under the night, The Wolfthorn calls

{Solo Rains}
Track Name: With Haste For Damnation
With Haste For Damnation

Souls ground to dust, cast into the flame
Iron fist of vengeance, pounds your life away
Darker than the night, shadow of demise
From the void between two worlds
A million lifeless eyes.

Suffer in the flame
Bound, whipped and chained
To collect blood for The Master
The pit you're bound
The Infernal Crown
Demonic realm
With haste for damnation

{Solo Rains}

{Solo Dwyer}

{Solo Rains}

{Solo Dwyer}

{Solo Rains}

I pray that you may seek the light
The undying embers of hell
With haste for damnation
Where tortured spirits dwell


With haste for damnation

Forever, you're going to dwell
Track Name: They Will Return
They Will Return

Walk through the archaic pathway
Dig through the soured ground
Unearth the eternally rotten
Until the body's found
The heart pounding louder
The stench thickening
Succumb to the trance
The mind sickening

Recovered, casket open
Starring before me
My own flesh and bone
Slowly decaying
So close, pushing forward
Obssesed to achieve
Emptiness consuming
Grieving my own sanity

Ritual solution, mistaken for God
Leave him into the spell of The Wendigo

Beneath the cermeonial rocks and trees, my seed
To mourn the lifeless body below me, once free

Tredging through the sacred woods, the only path you know
With hope and love in your intention, spawn forth bestial reanimation
Reveries from the cruicified witch, and the horror seeps back to the eye
The child you need, lived and died
Replaced by the evil inside

Ceremony as black as crystal night
But will he awaken?

When the last grave is emptied, I will wait
When he comes back to me I will feel... whole

{Solo Rains}

"You learn something about what death really is
When the pain stops and the memories begin
Not the end of life but the end of pain
Death is a mystery, and burial is the secret"

{Solo Dwyer}

Sometimes dead is better

{Solo Rains}

Kneeling to the skies beyond, pleading for your loved
The door has been opened, unleashing horrors unspoken
Naïvety of a mothers touch, condemning her straight to hell
Gaze into insanity, lifeless breath under spell

The eyes, I see no being inside
She is so fresh, it will work this time

When the last grave is emptied, I will wait
When she comes back to me, I will feel

The door is opened, they have returned

{Solo Rains}